Draft Central Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Rules, 2023

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) on March 14, 2023 published the Draft Central Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Rules, 2023 to further amend the central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989. These Draft rules shall be taken into consideration after the expiry of thirty days from the data on which the copies of this notification as published in the Official Gazette, are made available to the public. The following has been amended namely: In rule 2 which states "Definitions" for sub-rule (u), the following shall be substituted namely: "(u) “Electric power train” means a system consisting of one or more electric energy storage devices (e.g. a battery, electromechanical flywheel or super capacitor), one or more electric power conditioning devices and one or more electric machines that convert stored electric energy to mechanical energy delivered at the wheels for propulsion of the vehicle; (ua) "Pure electric vehicle” means vehicle powered by an electric power train only; Provided that a two wheeled pure electric vehicle shall not be deemed to be a motor vehicle if all the following conditions are verified and authorized by any testing agency specified and authorized by any testing agency specified in Rule 126, namely.- (a) Vehicle is equipped with an electric motor having thirty-minute power less than 0.25 KW; (b) Maximum Speed of the vehicle is less than 25 Kmph; (c) Vehicle is fitted with suitable brakes and retro reflective devices, i.e one white reflector in the front and one reflector at the rear; (d) Unladen weight ( excluding battery weight) of the vehicle is not more than 60 Kgs; (ub) "Hybrid electric vehicle (HEV)” means a vehicle, that, for the purpose of mechanical propulsion, draws energy from both of the following on-vehicle sources of stored energy/ power: a. a consumable fuel; b. a battery, capacitor, flywheel/generator or other electrical energy/power storage device.

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