Production and promotion of organic and bio fertilisers with special focus on improving economic viability of gaushalas

NITI Aayog released the Task Force report titled “Production and Promotion of Organic and Bio fertilisers with Special Focus on Improving Economic Viability of Gaushalas”. The Task Force was constituted by NITI Aayog to suggest measures to make gaushalas economically viable, address problem of stray and abandoned cattle and effective utilization of cow dung and cow urine in agriculture and energy sectors. Cattle were an integral component of the traditional farming system in India and Gaushalas can be of great help in promoting natural farming and organic farming. The agri-inputs developed from cattle wastes- cow dung and cow urine can reduce or replace agro chemicals, serving as plant nutrients and plant protection, on economic, health, environmental and sustainability reasons. The effective utilization of the cattle waste is an ideal example of circular economy that harness waste to wealth concept.