District Magistrate Ayodhya report on damage to hydrolgy and drainage due to the construction of Sri Ram International Airport, Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, 03/03/2023

  • 03/03/2023

Report of the District Magistrate, Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. An application was filed by Durga Prasad Yadav regarding damage to river Trilodki Ganga by the construction of Sri Ram International Airport.

The report informed the court that as per revenue records, no river by the name of Trilodki Ganga  is recorded in district Ayodhya. The Trilodki Ganga referred by the complainant is recorded as Tillaiya nalla in some villages and recorded as Soti and Baha in some other villages, tahsil Sadar, district Ayodhya. "As per information received from the Irrigation Department, steps are being taken to ensure that water flow of the river is not hindered due to extension of the Ayodhya airport and water flow remains smooth".

The estimate for construction of drains has been prepared and forwarded to the Additional Chief Secretary, Civil Aviation, Uttar Pradesh dated July 26, 2022 for approval of the estimate. As soon as estimate is approved, further steps will be taken for the construction of surface water drain so as to ensure smooth water flow of the area "which has been affected by the construction" of Shri Ram International Airport and this will solve the drainage/waterlogging problem of the area.

The report also mentioned that due to the expansion of the runway at the ongoing airport project, the flow of Chandpur Harbansh drain and Sanaiya drain was affected on the right side of the airport.

To avoid any occurrence of waterlogging and continuance of Chandpur Harbansh drain and Sanaiya drain the district level committee was constituted by the District Magistrate, Ayodhya. After a thorough field inspection, the committee has made the recommendation and accordingly the Irrigation Division of Ayodhya prepared the project. Under this project, the unrestricted flow of these drains has been ensured by making an alternate drain/route diversion.

The project also included the reconstruction of a few existing culverts due to a change of bed level/waterway at respective chainage following the changed hydraulic data. After completion of these projects, unrestricted and effective drainage in the catchment area will be ensured and the occurrence of water logging will be completely avoided through hydraulically best suited disposal of rainwater.