Order of the Supreme Court regarding the number of under construction and to be constructed jetties in Maharashtra and its impact on mangroves, 24/02/2023

  • 24/02/2023

Order of the Supreme Court in the matter of Bombay Environmental Action Group Vs Maharashtra Maritime Board & Others dated 24/02/2023.

Maharashtra Maritime Board was directed by the Supreme Court to file an affidavit within six weeks, indicating the number of jetties under construction or to be constructed under the project being implemented , impact on the mangroves in each case, with size/area of the mangroves and distance of the jetty from the mangrove. Site plan indicating location of the jetty and mangroves around the said area should also be enclosed. Satellite images for each jetty and the area around, would be also filed for proper appreciation and expeditious disposal, the SC added.

It is pointed out that the jetty at Narangi has been constructed, but in view of the stay order passed by SC. construction of the Kharwadeshwari jetty had been stalled. Consequently, the jetty at Narangi cannot be utilised. Thus, the Supreme Court "in view of the urgency, need and benefits explained, leaving the question of law open for the time being" gave permission for the construction of the jetty at Kharwadeshwari.