Central Pollution Control Board report on jarosite waste management, 15/02/2023

  • 15/02/2023

Report by the Central Pollution Control Board, Regional Directorate, Bengaluru on the management of jarosite in industries involved in primary production of zinc from ore.

The National Green Tribunal, southern zone vide order dated January 9, 2023 had directed the Central Pollution Control Board to file a report on the existing guidelines for jarosite.

The CPCB report, February 15, 2023 said that currently there are no existing guidelines on management of jarosite under Hazardous and Other wastes Rules, 2016. However, CPCB has initiated the process of developing the 'Guidelines on handling and management of Jarosite', for which a technical expert committee (TEC) has been constituted.

CPCB teams have also conducted field visits and collected samples to study the existing management practices in operating units as well as in closed industrial units where jarosite was landfilled. The guidelines are being prepared on the basis of field visits, sample analysis and review of existing national and international management practices. The guidelines will include provisions for environmentally safe handling, storage, utilization and disposal of jarosite, including the options for utilization in cement manufacturing, road construction, recovery of iron and other heavy metals.

The proposed guidelines are under preparation and will be issued after receiving comments from public and concerned stakeholders, the CPCB report informed the NGT.

Jarosite is a waste material produced by the zinc manufacturing industry.