NGT asks for report on Sambhar festival and its effect on birds and Sambhar lake, Jaipur, 15/02/2023

  • 15/02/2023

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Dr. Abid Ali Khan Vs State of Rajasthan dated 15/02/2023.

Grievance in the application is against proposed Sambhar festival between 17 – 19 February, 2023 at Sambhar Lake near Jaipur. This will involve activities like kite flying, paragliding, motorcycle expedition. According to the applicant such activities will adversely affect migratory birds and natural habitat of the lake which is a Ramsar site, particularly on account of use of loudspeakers.

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) directed the Chief Secretary, Rajasthan to address the grievance in coordination with Wetland Authority, PCCF (Wildlife), Rajasthan, District Magistrate, Jaipur and Integrated Regional Office of MoEF&CC at Jaipur. "If it is found that the festival at the proposed location will adversely impact the birds or natural habitat of the lake, the festivities may be shifted to any other location where such problem may not arise," the NGT order, February 15, 2023 said.

Decision on the matter has to be taken and placed on the website of the state of Rajasthan by 5.00 pm by February 16 said the bench of Justices Adarsh Kumar Goel, Sudhir Agarwal and Arun Kumar Tyagi.