Kochi Municipal Corporation report on waste management, 21/11/2022

  • 21/11/2022

Progress and action taken report of solid waste management issues, illegal dumping at Alexander Parambithara bridge and near Kannangattu bridge.

The Kochi Municipal Corporation is "facing problem related with legacy wastes which accumulated in Brahmapuram plant" and for attaining optimum solution for treating the legacy waste, biomining procedure has been adopted. The responsibility of biomining was entrusted to Zonta Infratech.

As per the drone survey done by the NIT, Calicut total quantity of legacy waste was assessed as 559103 cubic metres, which is spread over an area of approximately 40.25 acre of land. For calculating the volume of legacy waste, this 40.25 acres of land was divided into seven sectors and volume analysis was carried out at each sector separately.

By adopting bio mining about 80 per cent of land can be recovered/reclaimed.

Biomining commenced January 20, 2022. So far sectors 4,5,6 and 7 have been completed. That is about 25 per cent of work and 10 acres of land is almost cleared.

About 30 tonnes of RDF is dispatched to Dalmia Cement and remaining RDF has been stored. The biomining procedure is expected to be completed within the stipulated time of June 2023.

The biodegradable waste received at Brahmapuram on daily basis is approximately 190 to 210 tonnes and is being treated by window composting method and converted to fertilizer.

The existing window compost plant is in a dilapidated condition and the Kochi Municipal Corporation has to handle the whole waste generated daily. "Due to the sinking of infrastructure, the window compost plants efficiency is coming down." the court was informed. To solve the issue, a new project has been taken up at the cost of Rs. 79.28 lakhs.

With respect to action taken against the illegal and unauthorised waste dumping at Alexander Parambithara bridge and Kannangattu bridge area, the Kochi Municipal Corporation have cleared the illegal waste dumpings.