Nationally determined contributions under the Paris Agreement

This report has been prepared in response to the request from CMA 3 for the secretariat to annually update the NDC synthesis report. This version of the NDC synthesis report synthesizes information from the 166 latest available NDCs, representing 193 Parties to the Paris Agreement, including the 142 new or updated NDCs communicated by 169 Parties, recorded in the NDC registry as at 23 September 2022, covering 94.9 per cent of the total global emissions in 2019, which are estimated at 52.6 Gt CO2 eq without LULUCF. A total of 39 Parties have communicated new or updated NDCs since 12 October 2021 (the cut-off date for submissions covered in the previous version of this report), 24 of which after COP 26.

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