Do not inflict harm on community dogs: Kerala HC

  • 14/09/2022

Order of the High Court of Kerala in Re: Brunu (Suo Motu) Public Interest Litigation dated 14/08/2022.

The High Court of Kerala convened a special sitting taking note of the instances of dog bites being reported across the state. The HC talked about the various orders passed by the court and in particular, the order dated August 2, 2021 - wherein Thrikkakara Municipality was directed to identify areas within its geographical limits where the community dogs could be rehabilitated and sheltered.

The court also mentioned its order, October 29, 2021 - the court had directed the State Animal Welfare Board to assess the infrastructural facilities available within the territorial limits of all local authorities in the state for carrying out animal birth control (ABC) measures and to suggest measures for the augmentation of such facilities under each of those local authorities.

The Kerala High Court, July 8, 2022 directed the state Animal Welfare Board to publish the list of veterinary hospitals having night emergency services available on its website and to collect the telephone numbers of each of these centres and to ensure that the hospitals were functioning round-the-clock.

The HC said the state is obliged to protect the citizens from the attack of ferocious dogs by identifying and containing such dogs and removing them from public places.

The Amicus Curiae pointed out that there have also been reports of various instances of unauthorised killing of community dogs.

The HC directed the government of Kerala to issue public instructions to be issued through the state Police Chief clarifying that while the state administration is taking necessary steps to contain the incidents of dog bites, the citizenry shall also refrain from taking law into their own hands by inflicting unnecessary harm on community dogs.