Joint committee report regarding gas leak at industrial area in Surat, Gujarat, 31/05/2022

  • 31/05/2022

Report of Joint Committee in compliance of National Green Tribunal order, in the matter of OA No. 05 of 2022 regarding gas leak at industrial area in Surat, Gujarat.

The NGT, January 18, 2022 directed a nine member committee to look into the matter. Casualties occurred due to release of toxic gas resulting from illegal discharge of hazardous waste/chemical from a tanker into natural drain. Results reveal that the sample of the tanker was highly basic and toxic in nature and had high concentrations of sulphides, ammonical nitrogen and cyanides. And the natural drain was carrying highly acidic wastewater.

As per the record during the last five years, 76 incidents of illegal disposal of chemicals came to light. 45 industries involved were ordered to be closed down. In 23 cases FIRs were filed. The sum of Rs. 12 crores were recovered towards environmental damages. These are the figures as the department was able to detect. There must be many others. For instance, Hikal Ltd, dispatched 5 tankers and in in the case of the last tanker the unfortunate incident took place and matters came to light about the disposal of 5 tankers. There may be many others who are not caught, the report noted. Many more tankers must be throwing hazardous waste like this. And it is high time to adopt the latest electronic gadgets to catch the wrong doers who are causing damage to the environment, the report added.