The road to COP27: Making Africa's case in the climate debate

The 2022 Forum Facts & Figures, ‘The Road to COP27: Making Africa’s Case in the Climate Debate’, highlights the need for greater consideration of Africa’s specific position within the global debate on climate change. Launching exactly six months ahead of COP27 in Egypt, and immediately following the COP15 of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification in Côte d'Ivoire, the 2022 Forum Facts & Figures provide a comprehensive analysis of the challenges and prospects of the global climate crisis from Africa’s perspective. The foundation's report, The Road to Cop27 – Making Africa’s Case in the Climate Debate, will guide a three-day forum starting 25 May, 2022 to help Africa “get ahead of the game” before Cop27 rolls around in November. Yearly temperatures across the continent could rise as much as 6°C before the end of the century, the report warns, with 33 African countries projected to experience more than 100 days a year above 35°C under a “high emissions scenario”.