Joint committee report on environmental violations of Birla Copper plant being operated by Hindalco, at villages Lakhigam and Dahej, district Bharuch, Gujarat, 21/05/2022

  • 21/05/2022

Report of joint committee in compliance of the National Green Tribunal order, January, 5, 2022 (in the matter of OA No. 70 of 2021 - Brackish Water Research Centre Vs Gujarat Pollution Control Board & Others) under the chairmanship of Justice B. C. Patel.

Grievance in the application is against violation of Birla Copper Plant being operated by Hindalco (M/s. Hindalco Industries Ltd) located at villages Lakhigam and Dahej, taluka-Vagra, district Bharuch. The damage cost assessment carried out by NEERI due to soil pollution caused on account of dumping of copper slag by the industry is calculated as Rs. 2,47,79,292.

The damage cost assessment due to pollution caused by air, water and other noncompliance by the industry other than soil pollution (caused due to the dumping of copper slag) was carried out based on the CPCB guidelines. The environmental compensation for the damage is calculated to be Rs. 3,06,00,000.

The total environmental damage cost due to pollution caused by the industry (soil pollution due to the dumping of copper slag in the forest area and air and water pollution) amounted to a total cost of Rs.5,53,79,292 to be paid by the industry.

The Remediation and Restoration plan in the forest area must be carried out on a priority basis as per the recommendation of the committee, the report said.