Rejoinder by Sarang Yadwarkar to the NGT on Mutha and Mula-Mutha river rejuvenation project, Pune, 21/02/2022

  • 21/02/2022

Rejoinder to the reply filed by the Pune Municipal Corporation & Others in I.A. No. 105/2021 in Appeal No. 12/2020 (WZ) in the matter of Sarang Yadwarkar Vs Pune Municipal Corporation dated 21/02/2022.

The appellant (Sarang Yadwarkar) had sought interim stay on the execution of the activity related to Mutha and Mula-Mutha river rejuvenation project. The appellant has raised the issue with respect to the increase of flooding in various parts of Pune city, if the project gets executed.

The Pune Municipal Corporation in its report had said that for the major part of the year, the three rivers flow with heavily polluted sewage inflow which has a large negative impact on the groundwater, water quality, flora and fauna and aquatic life.

The appellant (Sarang Yadwarkar) pointed out that not a single component of this project is dedicated to cleaning water, treating sewage, raising the groundwater table, increasing dissolved oxygen level, supporting the natural fauna and aquatic life, reducing COD/BOD levels. None of the project components is focusing on cleaning the river and making it pollution free. Thus, reducing the width of the river by way of channelization is definitely going to exacerbate the risks of flooding. Massive embankments are not at all required to create the public realm along the river, the report to the NGT, February 21, 2022 said.