Ground water year book of Gujarat state 2020-2021

Central Ground Water Board, West Central Region, has been issuing Ground Water Year Book annually for Gujarat state by compiling the hydrogeological, hydrochemical and groundwater level data collected from the Groundwater Monitoring Wells established by the Board in Gujarat State. Monitoring of groundwater level and chemical quality furnish valuable information on the groundwater regime characteristics of the different hydrogeological units moreover, analysis of these valuable data collected from existing observation wells during May, August, November and January in each groundwater year (June to May) indicate the pattern of groundwater movement, changes in recharge-discharge relationship, behavior of water level and qualitative & quantitative changes of groundwater regime in time and space. It also helps in identifying and delineating areas prone to decline of water table and piezometric surface due to large scale withdrawal of groundwater for industrial, agricultural and urban water supply requirement. Further water logging prone areas can also be identified with historical water level data analysis. This year book contains the data and analysis of groundwater regime monitoring for the year 2020-21.