Sustainable urban transport index for Metro Manila and impacts of Covid-19 on mobility

Overall, Metro Manila’s total SUTI score is relatively high compared to other Asian cities. The public transport system of the Philippines is relatively unique in the sense that majority of its public transport systems are run as small to medium-scale operators (such as bus, jeepney) which have fixed routes and well-defined fare structure. Their inclusion may be one of the reason for the Philippines’ high SUTI score as these have contributed to high ratings in modal share, convenient access, and operational costs. On the other hand, exclusion of the buses and jeepneys will lead to an unrealistically low SUTI score. Hence, direct comparison of scores with other cities may not be straightforward and require consideration of the specific countries’ context. It is important to note that the most significant SUTI comparison will be by the country with its past/future self, as a means of monitoring the progress of its initiatives.