Polluted power: how Koradi and Khaperkheda thermal power stations are impacting the environment

A new study has revealed extensive and rampant water pollution in the areas around two thermal power plants in Nagpur. The study was jointly conducted by the Centre for Sustainable Development (CFSD) in Nagpur, Manthan Adhyayan Kendra in Pune, and ASAR Social Impact Advisors Pvt Ltd. The study collected water samples from 25 locations and found surface and groundwater contaminated with toxic metals. The report, ‘Polluted Power: How Koradi And Khaperkheda Thermal Power Stations Are Impacting the Environment’, has sought an immediate halt to the discharge of pollutants from power plants and ash ponds. Fly ash is a byproduct of coal combustion, which generates more than 70 per cent of India’s electricity.