Sand and dust storms risk assessment in Asia and the Pacific

The Sand and Dust Storms Risk Assessment in Asia and the Pacific provides a long-term horizon of the risk and potential socio-economic losses associated with sand and dust storms in the region for a better understanding of the severe multidimensional impact of this hazard, including the deterioration to human health, in urban and rural settings, and its adverse impact on energy, transport, agriculture and environment sectors with a regional and transboundary perspective. The report makes the case that there is an urgent need for countries in the region to consider joint action towards a deeper understanding of the socio-economic impact of sand and dust storms; towards a coordinated monitoring and early warning system, with an impact-based focus, to timely forecast the impact of sand and dust storms and enable targeted measures to minimize exposure and reduce risks as well as towards coordinated actions in most at-risk and exposed geographical areas to mitigate the risks. This report can serve as the evidence base on which to build a coordinated plan for action at regional level.