Situation analysis: Covid-19, wildlife trade, and consumer engagement

TRAFFIC is working in partnership with IUCN through the USAID Wildlife TRAPS Project to explore how social and behavioural change could play a part in motivating people towards choosing safer and more sustainable patterns of wildlife trade and product consumption. The first step in this work has been to prepare a Situation Analysis, which aims to: Capture what consumer engagement in wildlife product purchasing is happening worldwide, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and perceived zoonotic disease origins; Explore potential social and behaviour change (SBC) pilot project ideas according to where the greatest areas of need and opportunity are; Share learning and mapping for SBC Community members to support and inform efforts to persuade consumers towards a safe, traceable, sustainable, and legal wildlife supply. The Situation Analysis focused on trade and use of wild mammals and wild birds as high-risk taxa for potential transmission of zoonotic diseases, and considered three primary use types: 1) Wild animal meat, 2) Wild animal-based medicines, and 3) Live wild animals kept as pets or used for scientific research or display.