Task force report to the President on the climate crisis and global migration: a pathway to protection for people on the move

A Task Force of prominent former U.S. government and UN officials, NGO leaders, and climate experts today called for dramatic and unprecedented policy measures to address the global climate crisis and its impact on migration. The Task Force report responds to a February 4 Executive Order that directs National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan to deliver options to the President by August "for protection and resettlement of individuals displaced directly or indirectly from climate change" as well as options for policy measures on a range of related objectives. At least tens of millions of people will be displaced over the next two to three decades due in large measure to disaster and other environmental changes affected by climate. From Haiti and Honduras, to Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, and in thousands of communities in both the Global South and Global North, disasters affected by climate change are leading to protracted displacement.