Report by Nayara Energy to the NGT on expansion of its refinery at Vadinar, Devbhumi Dwarka, Gujarat, 05/06/2021

  • 05/06/2021

Written submission on behalf of Nayara Energy Ltd. in appeal no. 5 of 2021 in the matter of Sanghar Zuber Ismail Vs Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change & Others. An application was filed before the NGT challenging the EC dated January 5, 2021 granted by MOEF&CC to Nayara Energy.

The appeal was against the extension of refinery capacity - which is currently operating a 20 MMTPA refinery complex at Vadinar, Devbhumi Dwarka, Gujarat. The report said that the investment made in the refinery complex till date is Rs. 51,000 crores. The project currently provides employment to 1800 employees and 4500 contract persons which include the local population. The total amount spent by the industry on CSR is 80 crores in the past five years. Under the expansion plan, the capacity of the refinery shall be increased from 20 MMTPA to 46 MMTPA.

The project area is spread over 2275 hectares of land and no additional land would be acquired for the expansion. The project already has about 410 ha of green belt in the existing refinery and an additional 340 ha of green belt would be developed alongside the expansion.

According to the report, the appeal had not alleged the existing project of causing any pollution or violating any norms or conditions of the clearances. "The case of the appellant is based upon pure conjectures and surmises that the expansion will have adverse impact on the ecology of the area. However, the appellant has failed to disclose any material upon which its case is founded," said the report of June 5, 2021.