Order of the Patna High Court regarding steps taken by Bihar to address COVID-19 epidemic, 12/05/2021

  • 12/05/2021

Order of the High Court of Judicature at Patna in the matter of Shivai Kaushik & Others Vs Union of India & Others dated 12/05/2021. The matter related to steps taken by the government of Bihar to address COVID-19.

The HC said that the affidavit filed by the Chief Secretary, Bihar, May 9, 2021 was silent on the availability, requirement and distribution of oxygen and disposal of bio-medical waste generated out of all the operations related to COVID-19.

Some of the directions passed by the Patna High Court on May 13, 2021 were the following:

  • The Chief Secretary, Bihar has to file an affidavit indicating district-wise breakup of the activities undertaken and the existence of the infrastructure in dealing with the second wave of the pandemic.
  • The Commissioner of the Buxar and Kaimur districts has to submit affidavits regarding the disposal of the bodies found flowing in the river Ganga.
  • The municipal authorities must take steps for proper collection, treatment and disposal of waste generated from COVID patients in home isolation. The order reiterated on focussing on rural areas to ensure that none is deprived of the medical health infrastructure for treating COVID-19.