Report by the CPCB on steps taken to curtail the threat of air pollution in the cities of India, 15/02/2021

  • 15/02/2021

Report by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) in Original Application No. 681 of 2018 (News item published in the Times of India Vs NCAP with multiple timelines to clean air in 102 cities to be released around August 2015).

The proposal for setting up of 25 CAAQM stations in Non-Attainment Cities has been approved under EC funded project for Rs. 25 crores by the CPCB. Capital cost Rs. 1 crores per station has been sanctioned to 20 states/UTs for installation of CAAQM stations in the identified 25 Non-Attainment cities. Source apportionment (SA) studies have been completed in 9 states (14 cities), under progress in 15 states (68 cities) and in proposal stage in 14 states (40 cities). Likewise, carrying capacity (CA) study is under progress in 9 states (42 cities) and in proposal stage in 18 states (51 cities).

The report informed the NGT that the CPCB has requested the SPCBs/PCCs to propose the name of the 2-3 cities from their respective states for joint SA and CC studies. Non-attainment cities numbering 25 have been identified, and the studies would be done based on the framework/methodology prepared by the CPCB by using CPCB EC Funds.

Detailed micro level planning has been shared by Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Telangana as per the format prepared by the CPCB for tracking the implementation of city action plans.

Note: The CPCB report of February 15, 2021 was uploaded to the NGT site April 7, 2021