Ground Water Year Book of Goa State (2019-2020)

Groundwater is a dynamic and replenishable precious natural resource. It requires to be monitored regularly and also to be appraised of the changes that are taking place in this regime. In this regard, Central Ground Water Board collects the groundwater level and quality data from the Groundwater Regime Monitoring Stations. The ground water levels are monitored four times a year during the months of May, August, November and January and ground water samples for the determination of the quality of Groundwater are collected once a year during the month of May. This report consists of the ground water level for the year 2019-20 and chemical quality data collected during May, 2019. Maps showing the depth to groundwater level in different parts of Goa and the changes observed in the ground water level in the last one year and the last one decade are included and discussed elaborately in the report. Groundwater stressed areas where water level are depleting as interpreted from the available data are also delineated. The report also contains the discussions on distribution and variation of rainfall in the state for normal period. Interpretation of Chemical quality of Groundwater on the basis of the samples collected during May, 2019 is also included in the report.

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