National Capital battles pollution; Is politics costing Delhi its clean air?

On The Urban Debate today, Tanvi Shukla discusses the hazardous air which is choking Delhi. The citizens are paying price for slow death in the National Capital. For the second day in a row, the Air Quality Index in Delhi and NCR region remains severely toxic. The rising pollution is also resulting in a surge of respiratory and Coronavirus diseases. What does Delhi government & its neighbouring State Governments need to do to curb Delhi Air Pollution? Is politics costing Delhi its clean air? Aam Aadmi Party’s Reena Gupta shares her views over this issue saying ‘Central Government has zero concern for the environment. Since the time they've come to power, they've diluted every environment law. Because of Pollution, we're losing 6% GDP every year’. To which BJP’s Harish Khuranna counters questioning whether Eastern-Western Peripheral was made by Delhi Government?.

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