Report by Edayar Zinc on allegations of polluting Edayattuchal and Chakkarachal paddy fields, Ernakulam, Kerala, 04/11/2020

  • 04/11/2020

Counter affidavit filed by Edayar Zinc Ltd. with the National Green Tribunal in the matter of K. K. Muhammed Iqbal Vs Kerala State Pollution Control Board & Others. The matter relates to the allegation of contaminated surface run off from the zinc industry and the leachate from the old jarosite pond contaminating Edayattuchal and Chakkarachal paddy fields.

According to the the report filed with the NGT, the Environment Impact Assessment Reports on Eloor- Edayar of LAEC identifies HIL (Hindustan Insecticides Ltd), Merchem Ltd, Eloor, IRE (Indian Rare Earths Ltd), FACT (UD) Eloor as source of heavy metal and pesticides contamination in Eloor and CMRL (Cochin Minerals and Rutiles Ltd), Sud-Chemie India Private Ltd, Merchem India Private Ltd and Merchem Ltd, Edayar and Leather Tanning Units are found along with our company as the source for heavy metal contamination in groundwater and soil of Edayar. The zinc industry said that it was not the only source for contamination in Edayar.

As per the Environment Impact Assessment Report prepared by Local Area Environment Committee for Eloor Edayar (LAEC), the heavy metals found in groundwater, soil and sediment samples from Edayattuchal and Chakkarachal area in Edayar is Zinc, Iron, Lead, Cadmium Copper, Nickel and Total Chromium. The analysis of sludge from the jarosite pond of the zinc company made by LAEC found only the presence of Zinc, Iron, lead, Cadmium, Copper and Nickel. The presence of total chromium in the ground water, soil and sediment samples of Edayattuchal, was found absent in the company's sludge. This means that there are other sources for contamination of the paddy fields.