Affidavit by the Lonavla Municipal Council on waste management, 16/10/2020

  • 16/10/2020

Affidavit by the Lonavla Municipal Council dated October 16, 2020 in the matter of Jayesh Shah & Others Vs The Chief Executive Officer, Lonavla Municipal Council & Others.

The matter related to waste management in Lonavla. A municipal solid waste (MSW) plant at Varsoli was commissioned and is in operation since October 5, 2018. The total MSW generation of the Lonavla city is bout 40 MT per day. Out of which 18 MT is wet waste and the balance is dry waste. In Varsoli plant, a segregator has been erected, which segregates. At that site, the wet waste of 5 MT is treated through a biogas plant. The gas generated from the same is used for lighting. Out of which, 2 MT is treated by pit composting plants with culture.

For the dry waste, the recycled material is picked up through the process of rag pickers. For inert material, area is designated for landfill. At that site, there was a legacy waste of 144000 MT. Out of the same, 45000 MT of the waste has been treated. The remainder is in process. Within a period of about three to six months, the same would also be treated, the report said.