Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding closure of Platinum AAC Blocks, Dadar, Nagar & Haveli, 21/08/2020

  • 21/08/2020

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of M/s Platinum AAC Blocks Pvt. Ltd. Vs Pollution Control Committee & Others dated 21/08/2020. The matter related to closure of Platinum AAD Blocks by the Pollution Control Committee for Dadar, Nagar and Haveli on the ground that its activities were of a "Red Category".

The activities involved disposal of fly ash. The industry's case was that its activities are not in “Red Category”.

The Tribunal had sought a report from a joint Committee of the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and the PCC. The said Committee after examining the activities of the unit, held that the activities fall under the “Green Category”. Accepting the said report, the Tribunal had disposed of the Appeal on January 17, 2020.

However, the PCC submited that pollution was caused during the activities of the unit in disposal of the fly ash and therefore, the view taken by the Tribunal needed to be recalled.

The NGT refused to accept the argument of the PCC and said that there was no bar in giving appropriate directions in the matter as per law, instead of closing the unit by wrongly terming it as a red unit. In view of the above, the court said that there is no ground in recalling the NGT order of January 17, 2020 and disposed of the application.

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