Advances in Blended Finance: GEF's Solutions to Protect the Global Environment

Unprecedented transformation is required to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and safeguarding the global commons. The global community called the private sector to step-in with bold action and new frontier investments. such ambitious investments will be significantly unlocked by a combination of private and public sources; blended finance is a key tool to mobilize private capital. The use of blended finance to support the SDGs— especially natural resources management and conservation—is not a panacea that can be exclusively relied upon to drive the needed transformation in global economic systems. Yet it holds great prospects formobilizing private capital and is therefore an important element in the package of available instruments focused on investing in the global commons. Broader support for appropriate policy frameworks that can help improve predictability and support low-emission investments is critically important, as is support for institutional strengthening and targeted capacity building in both the private and public sectors.