Two Hundred Twenty Second Report on 'The Management of Worsening Traffic Situation in Delhi': Department-related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs

Criticising the traffic management in the national capital, a Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs has noted that the Delhi traffic police is mainly focusing on regulating traffic at red lights and intersections and paying little attention towards violation of rules on roads. The committee also observed that one of the major causes of traffic congestion at market and commercial places is because of difficulties faced by commuters to park their vehicles due to shortage of parking space and lack of information on availability of parking slots and knowledge of designated place for the same, especially when an unknown and new vehicle enters the market place. In the report, titled ‘The management of worsening traffic situation in Delhi’, tabled in Rajya Sabha, the panel said police “lay marginal attention towards traffic violations, including not driving in the proper lane, changing lanes without indication, overspeeding, dangerous driving, and enforcement of the various traffic rules at other places on roads of Delhi”.