Question raised in Lok Sabha on Nutrition to Tribal People, 09/12/2019

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Nutrition to Tribal People, 09/12/2019. Government is aware that there is gap between the tribal population and general population of the country with regard to various human development indicators pertaining to Health, Livelihood and Education etc. Government has adopted a multi- pronged strategy for the overall development of tribal people living across the country including Karnataka, which includes supports for Health, Livelihood, Education, Sanitation, Water Supply, Skill Development, Agriculture, Horticulture and Fisheries etc. Major part of infrastructure development and provision of basic amenities in tribal areas/regions in the country is carried out through various schemes/programmes of concerned central Ministries and the State Governments concerned, while the Ministry of Tribal Affairs provides additive to these initiatives by way of plugging critical gaps. The brief details of schemes / programmes being implemented by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs for the welfare of Scheduled Tribes in the country including Karnataka is given at Annexure.