Charging up India’s electric vehicles: infrastructure deployment & power system integration

When electric vehicles (EVs) become a favoured transportation option for Indians, policy makers need to think about the ecosystem it will require, and it is much more than just planning for charging stations. One factor least talked about, or planned for, in the penetration of EV is the load it will put on the power distribution grid. The entry stage of EVs into the Indian market may be much easier than when the market transitions to a more advanced growth stage. A research report released by the Florence School of Regulation to announce the entry of its FSR Global Energy Regulatory Hub in India, explores the impact of additional EV load on the power system, and the best ways to manage it. Titled, “Charging Up India’s Electric Vehicles: Infrastructure Deployment & Power System Integration”, the report notes that the forecast for 2030 indicates that the total energy consumption of EVs in India will be about 3 per cent of the total demand, which would not have significant impact on the power system.