Order of the Supreme Court of India regarding the discharge location of CETP of Vapi in the Damanganga estuary, Daman, 19/07/2019

  • 19/07/2019

Order of the Supreme Court of India in the matter of The Collector, Daman Vs Tarun Patel & Others dated 19/07/2019 regarding the order of the NGT dated October 27, 2017 which according to the appellant would affect the quality of the water of the river Damanganga, particularly in the area outlying the Union Territory of Daman. The Tribunal had asked Vapi Environment Ltd to extend the discharge point through the pipeline and a diffuser system approximately 4.5 km downstream from existing discharge location of CETP, Vapi in the Damanganga estuary.

The present appeals have been instituted by the Collector, Daman. the grievance of the Collector was that no hearing was afforded to him as a representative voice of the Union Territory. Apex Court asks NGT to consider the effect on the quality of water of the river Damanganga with the laying down of the pipeline. Further, Tribunal's order dated October 23, 2017 has been stayed until NGT hears the grievance of the Collector and passes a order.