Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding solid waste management in India, 15/03/2019

  • 15/03/2019

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Compliance of Municipal Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016 (State of Bihar) dated 15/03/2019. The issue for consideration is status of compliance of orders of the Tribunal on the subject of solid waste management and allied issues.

Some of the directions passed by the NGT are the following:

1. Steps for compliance of Rules 22 and 24 of SWM Rules be now taken within six weeks to the extent not yet taken. Similar steps be taken with regard to Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules and Plastic Waste Management Rules.

2. Atleast three major cities and three major towns in the State and atleast three Panchayats in every District may be notified on the website within two weeks from today as model cities/towns/villages which will be made fully compliant within next six months. The remaining cities, towns and Village Panchayats of the State may be made fully compliant in respect of environmental norms within one year.

3. The Chief Secretary may personally monitor the progress, atleast once in a month, with all the District Magistrates.

4. System of ranking of cities, town and villages in the State based on level of compliance with environment laws may be developed. The system so developed may be placed on the website of the State Government within two months from today. This process may be overseen by the Chief Secretary.

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