Human influence on sub-regional surface air temperature change over India

Human activities have been implicated in the observed increase in Global Mean Surface Temperature. Over regional scales where climatic changes determine societal impacts and drive adaptation related decisions, detection and attribution (D&A) of climate change can be challenging due to the greater contribution of internal variability, greater uncertainty in regionally important forcings, greater errors in climate models, and larger observational uncertainty in many regions of the world. We examine the causes of annual and seasonal surface air temperature (TAS) changes over sub-regions (based on a demarcation of homogeneous temperature zones) of India using two observational datasets together with results from a multimodel archive of forced and unforced simulations. Our D&A analysis examines sensitivity of the results to a variety of optimal fngerprint methods and temporal-averaging choices. We can robustly attribute TAS changes over India between 1956–2005 to anthropogenic forcing mostly by greenhouse gases and partially ofset by other anthropogenic forcings including aerosols and land use land cover change.

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