A country level assessment of area under agroforestry and its carbon sequestration potential

National Innovations on Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA) is a network project of Indian Council of Agricultural Research, which was launched in February, 2011. The project aims to enhance resilience of Indian agriculture to climate change and climate vulnerability through strategic research and technology demonstration. The research on adaptation and mitigation covers crops, livestock, fisheries and natural resource management. The Central Agroforestry Research Institute, Jhansi is associated with NICRA project from its beginning. The institute is working on three aspects under this project: assessment of carbon sequestration potential of agroforestry systems existing on farmer's field through simulation model (CO2FIX model); mapping of agroforestry area using GIS and Remote Sensing technique; and study on thermo-tolerance of agroforestry species. The approach for estimation of agroforestry area in the country and carbon sequestration potential of agroforestry existing on farmers’ field in different states are briefly described in this bulletin.