Formulation of GIS based Master Plan for AMRUT Cities – Design & Standards

Master Plan/Development Plan is the major tool for urban land management, providing detailed landuse allocation for the sustainable development of city/town. Most master/development plans are made for 20-year periods, in phases of five years for periodic review and revision. The most crucial information for formulation of Master Plan is an accurate and updated Base Map of the planning area, showing roads and building layouts, spatial extent of development and information on the use of each parcel of land etc. Preparation of base maps from Very High Resolution Satellite (VHRS) Images and Geographic Information System (GIS) technology can be time and cost effective solution. Although State Town and Country Planning Departments (STPDs) had initiated the utilisation of NUIS database at 1:10000 scale for Master Plan formulation on Bhuvan, it was felt that 1:10000 scale database content and accuracy was inadequate for this purpose. Formulation of GIS-based Master/Development Plans for 500 AMRUT Cities is one of the important reforms under AMRUT, which has been approved as a 100% centrally funded subscheme with budget outlay of Rs. 515.00 crores.