GLOFs in the WOS: bibliometrics, geographies and global trends of research of glacial lake outburst floods (Web of Science, 1979–2016)

Research of glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs) – specific low frequency, high magnitude floods originating in glacial lakes, including jokulhlaups – is well justified in the context of glacier ice loss and glacial lake evolution in glacierised areas all over the world. Increasing GLOF research activities, which are documented by the increasing number of published research items, have been observed in the past few decades; however, a comprehensive insight into the GLOF research community, its global bibliometrics, geographies and trends in research is missing. To fill this gap, a set of 892 GLOF research items published in the Web of Science database covering the period 1979–2016 was analysed. General bibliometric characteristics, citations and references were analysed, revealing a certain change in the publishing paradigm over time. Furthermore, the global geographies of research on GLOFs were studied, focusing on: (i) where GLOFs are studied; (ii) who studies GLOFs; (iii) the export of research on GLOFs; and (iv) international collaboration. The observed trends are discussed and placed in a broader context.

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