Delhi’s ambient noise levels influenced by traffic flow: case studies

There have been several traffic management measures taken in Delhi, the odd-eve traffic experiment conducted in year 2016 was first of its kind. CPCB took it as an opportunity to explore if there was any significant reduction in ambient noise levels due to restrictions in number plates. In urban context it has been noted that vehicles generate more noise. In view of the above this report `Delhi’s ambient noise levels influenced by traffic flow – case studies (includes odd-even traffic experiment)’ was prepared to explore change sin noise levels during Diwali period, National holidays (Republic day & Independence day), on Sundays besides during odd – even traffic experiment. Though the number of noise monitoring stations under the real time National Ambient Noise Monitoring Network (NANMN) may not have been adequate however the results indicate that noise levels exceeded the area zone noise limits in most cases. In the absence of any key noise generating sources under the above case studies, the increase in noise levels can be attributed to traffic flow.