Immunomodulatory and antioxidant activities of fresh juice extracts of Brahmi and Guduchi

Medicinal plants mentioned in Ayurveda can be used as food or medicine due to their impact on human health and disease prevention. For example, Guduchi has been used as an immunomodulator for its ability to enhance the immune response. In the present study, fresh juice extracts of Brahmi and Guduchi was evaluated for its immunomodulatory and antioxidant activity. Fresh juice of Brahmi and Guduchi was prepared and lyophilized. The antioxidant activity of the same was evaluated against free radicals whereas immunomodulatory activity was carried out in cyclophosphamide induced immune-suppressed Swiss albino mice. Haemagglutination test was used to assess their effects on humoral response. Both these extracts showed in vitro antioxidant activities. Brahmi exhibited higher TAC (22.39±1.39), phenolic content (24.93±1.27) and hydroxyl radical scavenging effect (83.79 ± 0.88). Similar effects were observed with both extracts in total antioxidant activity against DPPH radical, reducing power and NO radical. Both the plants stimulated the humoral immune response. Increased haemagglutination inhibition was observed with Brahmi (6.40±0.24) in comparison to Guduchi (6.20±0.37). The results suggest that Brahmi and Guduchi both can be considered as promising immunomodulatory agents.

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