Order of the High Court of Rajasthan to declare cow as national animal of India, 31/05/2017

  • 31/05/2017

Order of the Rajasthan High Court Bench, Jaipur in the matter of Jago Janta Society Vs State of Rajasthan & Others dated 31/05/2017. The writ petition was filed to protect the cows kept in Hingonia Goshala on the outskirts of Jaipur and in other Goshalas and arrange green fodder and cattle feeds and see that no cow should die due to illness without treatment or starvation.

Rajasthan High Court recommends for cow to be declared as the national animal of India. The Court pointed out that India is an agro-based country and that the majority of the population is dependent on agriculture and livestock and also taking into consideration section 48 and 51 A (G) of the Constitution of India Rajasthan High Court recommends that cows should have Legal Entity and they should be declared as the national animal for its protection. The Court further declares the Rajasthan governor and the Government of Rajasthan as Persons in Loco Parentis (in the place of a parent) to cows and directs them to take effective steps for their protection and upkeep.