Low-carbon and climate resilient industrial development in Africa

Low-carbon and climate resilient industrial development in Africa The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) released its assessment of national policies and the vulnerability of industries to climate change in selected sub-sectors in Egypt, Kenya, Senegal and South Africa. The report resulted from the first phase of the project titled “Low-carbon and climate-resilient industrial development in Africa (LCCR)”, implemented in cooperation with the National Cleaner Production Centres (NCPCs) and funded by the Government of Japan. The national-level policy analysis evaluated the current and anticipated climate impacts on industrial sectors, key resources and locations. The project teams then assessed vulnerability in two selected industrial sub-sectors in each country through value chain analysis. For each surveyed country, the report details the projected implications of climate hazards in the selected industrial sub-sectors and the mitigation and adaptation needs of the sectors. Additionally, preliminary vulnerability assessments were conducted at selected enterprises to explore the need and opportunities for the application of environmentally sound technologies (ESTs) and green industry techniques and practices as adaptation measures. The third phase of the project will focus on the implementation of low-carbon production and climate resilience measures at the manufacturer level.

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