Guideline manual for Continous (Real time) Emission Monitoring (CEM) in industries 

This guideline document is prepared to assist both industries and regulators in successful implementation of CEMS through self-regulation. This document provides information on CEMS equipment and the pollutants that are monitored on real time basis and to develop a system to satisfy the data quality objectives to implement more transparent mechanism of environmental pollution control. All the matters addressed in this document are general in nature and the recommendations given herein should not be construed as providing specific directions for any particular Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS). Each installation is site specific. No particular brands of equipment are being endorsed. The information in this paper is intended solely as a guideline and does not represent final mandate issued by CPCB. CPCB or MoEF may choose to issue more detailed, technical guideline in future. This document may be reviewed and modified periodically as warranted by modifications / revisions under Acts governing air emission time to time.