Question raised in Lok Sabha on Performance under ICDS, 29/07/2016

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Performance under ICDS, 29/07/2016. The Development Agenda for 2016-2030 of United Nations, articulating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), was adopted and signed by Government of India in September, 2015. The SDGs comprise of 17 goals and 169 targets. The Goals 2 and 3 relate to improvement in nutrition and ensuring healthy lives & promoting well-being for all at all ages respectively. The Food and Nutrition Board of this Ministry, through its regional field units, is engaged in conducting training programmes in nutrition, in addition to advocacy towards generating awareness through nutrition education programmes on the importance of healthy balanced diets especially through the use of locally available foods, mass awareness campaigns and use of electronic and print media. The comprehensive package of services presently provided under ICDS encapsulates integrated provisions for health, nutrition and stimulation to support the beneficiaries.