Question raised in Lok Sabha on Flood Management Projects, 21/07/2016

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Flood Management Projects, 21/07/2016. Under the Flood Management Programme (FMP) in a total of 519 projects have been approved during the XI and XII Plan, out of which 297 projects have been completed till date. The completed projects have provided reasonable protection against floods in 19.59 lakh hectare area and benefited 197.23 lakh people in the country. The State-wise details of projects approved, projects completed and area protected under Flood Management Programme (FMP) so far are given at Annex-1 & 2 respectively. The Ministry also provides technical guidance to State Governments through the expert agencies--Central Water Commission (CWC) and Ganga Flood Control Commission (GFCC) in formulation of flood management projects. During the XII Plan, a total of 537 projects were received for techno-economic appraisal out of which 256 projects were cleared by the appraisal agencies. The State-wise details are given at Annex-3. The Flood Forecasting network is proposed to be expanded from existing 183 flood forecasting stations to 275 stations as per details in Annexure 4.