Thailand GHG reduction roadmap

This report is part of a project aimed to assist the implementation of the Thailand Climate Change Master Plan by developing a clear roadmap for reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in three industrial sub-sectors of the Thai economy: the palm oil industry, the automotive parts industry and the frozen seafood industry. The objectives of the GHG Reduction Roadmap Report are: To bring together the findings of the previous reports to produce a roadmap report recommending emissions reduction pathways for the selected sub-sectors. To provide a credible and robust evidence base on which policymakers and other stakeholders can base their decisions to achieve cost-effective and appropriate emissions reductions in the selected industry sub-sectors. To enhance the capacity of policymakers and other stakeholders to act by recommending short-medium and long-term actions that will reduce the implementation barriers of emission abatement options and achieve reductions in GHG emissions while taking into account wider socio-economic impacts.