Handbook on technological options for on-site sanitation in rural areas

Proper awareness, collective behavior change, coupled with availability of sustainable technologies for construction and usage of toilets are important aspects of SBM. There are a wide range of hydro-geological conditions in different states of India. It is challenging to make one technology applicable in all areas. Selection of on-site sanitation technology has to be according to the hydro-geological condition of the targeted area, to avoid risk of ground-water pollution from on-site sanitation, and socio-cultural taboos in acceptability of the technology. Lack of information leads to many communities implementing the prototype household toilet technology even if unsuitable for the hydrological conditions of the area. The objective of toilet technology providers, particularly in rural areas, should be to evaluate and help improve the situation. This Handbook tries to provide sustainable technological options for on-site sanitation for different hydro-geological conditions.

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