Eco-friendly measures to mitigate impacts of linear infrastructure on wildlife

The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) has assigned the responsibility to the Wildlife Institute of India to prepare a technical document ‘Eco-friendly measures to mitigate impacts of linear infrastructure on wildlife’ for rail, road and power transmission line planners and managers; forest and wildlife managers and wildlife biologists and other target groups. This guide aims to give clear messages about the objectives and relevance of planning green infrastructure. It seeks to serve as a tool to enable road and rail agencies to work together with conservation agencies to maximise the opportunities presented by transportation and powerline projects, to minimize environmental impacts and enhance biodiversity and ecosystem services by promoting the development of green infrastructure. The scope of the guidance material is comprehensive: it provides a wide range of information for those professionals involved in planning, locating, designing, implementing, operating and maintaining roads, railways, powerlines and other linear infrastructure. The inclusion of numerous photographs and illustrations gives invaluable visual cues, both in terms of potential impacts on wildlife and to guide the design of appropriate measures to avoid or minimise them.