Guidelines for Development of Solar Parks under Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission

MNRE has rolled out a scheme plans to set up 25 solar parks, each with a capacity of 500 MW and above; thereby targeting around 20000 MW of solar power installed capacity. These solar parks will be set up within in a span of 5 years commencing from 2014-15 and the solar projects may then come up as per demand and interest shown by developers. At the State level, the solar parks will enable the States to bring in significant investment from project developers, meet its Solar Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) mandate and provide employment opportunities to local population. The State will also reduce its carbon footprint by avoiding emissions equivalent to the solar park’s installed capacity and generation. Further, the State will also avoid procuring expensive fossil fuels to power conventional power plants. The solar park will provide a huge impetus to solar energy generation by acting as a flagship demonstration facility to encourage project developers and investors, prompting additional projects of similar nature, triggering economies of scale for cost-reductions, technical improvements and achieving large scale reductions in GHG emissions. Some Ultra Mega Solar Power Projects may be set up in these Parks or the entire park may individually be an Ultra Mega Solar Power Project.

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