• 14/01/2007

Pesticide poisoning: In the first case of legal action against contamination and death caused by agrochemicals, the Paraguayan Supreme Court held two growers responsible for the death of 11-year-old Silvino Talavera. The court ruled to uphold the decision by the Appeal Court in Encarnacion and sentenced the accused, Alfredo Lautenshlager and Herman Schlender, two years of jail terms. The case was decided only a few days before its expiration in the Supreme Court. Silvino died on January 7, 2003, after he was sprayed with pesticides that were used in the soy monocultures around his house. His 10 brothers, sisters and parents, too, were affected and became ill.

appeal rejected: Costa Rica's Supreme Court has rejected an appeal by Canadian gold mining company Vannessa Ventures Ltd against the cancellation of a mining concession. The court, in its ruling, upheld a 2001 decision annulling the concession for the 300-hectare mine located in the Las Crucitas area of northern Costa Rica. The court also pointed out that the company had not properly submitted an environmental impact statement. Costa Rica is known for its strict environment laws.

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