Guidelines for implementing liabilities for environmental damages due to handling and disposal of hazardous waste and penalty

This document outlines various liabilities to be imposed on a responsible party for causing environmental damages arising only from improper handling/disposal of hazardous waste. These liabilities are applicable to the occupier, transporter, operator of a facility and importer as the case may be and hereinafter referred as responsible party. The guidelines also identify the compensation liabilities on a responsible party for causing impacts such as injury, loss of life, effects on flora fauna, loss of livelihood, reduced yield from crops, property loss etc., however, evaluation and implementation of the same are not covered in the scope of this document, which may be dealt by the concerned agency of respective State/UT Government. Role of the responsible party and the concerned SPCB/PCC have been outlined in the event of occurrence of incidences. Further, an attempt has also been made to provide an indicative cost for assessment and remediation, which may, however, vary case to case. The document also provides guidelines for evaluating and implementing financial penalty for violation of provisions stipulated under the Hazardous Waste (Management, Handling &Transboundary Movement) Rules, 2008.

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